10 Great New (Mostly) Social Selling Tools

Gabe VillamizarGabe Villamizar, director of social selling at HireVue, gave a great presentation at the AMPlify conference in Waltham, MA this morning about “10 Social Selling Apps & Tools Your Sales Reps Need to Have.” I hadn’t heard of most of them, but I will try them out. These tools go beyond simple monitoring and filtering. They actually make sense of what’s going on in social media and put information in a format that’s useful in the sales process. Here’s his list.

  1. Brandr –  Create ready-to-post messages and images bearing your corporate brand and design.
  2. Pablo by Buffer – Search a library of 50,000+ royalty-free photos and find the right image for your post.
  3. Riffle by Crowdriff – Chrome extension that “stalks Twitter users to death.” Follow all of a user’s Twitter behavior to learn what interests them.
  4. 360Social.me – Chrome extension that consolidates all of a person’s social activity in one place.
  5. Nova.ai – Machine learning algorithm crawls and finds information about people you want to reach so you can customize your message. Can personalize the first few sentences of an outreach based on someone’s LinkedIn profile and activity.
  6. GaggleAMP – Distribute content to a group with easy, one-click sharing options. If you want to make an impression on a buyer, post one of his/her tweets to GaggleAMP and deliver a torrent of retweets and shares.
  7. QUUU – Hand-curates content for social sharing based on your interests. “Select relevant interest categories that matter to you and your audience. Quuu will send hand curated content from those interest categories to your Buffer account. Manually edit Quuu suggestions (if required) yourself in Buffer.”
  8. Charlie App – Awesome tool that lets you have a conversation with your buyer that isn’t about the weather. Automates the research process. Gives you a brief on the person you’re going to meet with. “Charlie combs through hundreds of sources and automatically sends you a one‐pager on everyone you’re going to meet with, before you see them.”
  9. TweetDeck – Great listening tool with strong functionality for Boolean search.
  10. LinkedIn Sales Navigator – LinkedIn power search for sales pros. Advanced filtering and the ability to save to your lead list. “Gone are the days of seller chasing the buyer. With technology, it can actually be a pleasant relationship for the seller talk to the buyer.”

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