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HootSuite Basics and Updates

Those of you who know me, know I’m a big fan of HootSuite, the social media dashboard, as a tool for research, filtering and engagement. When I began using HootSuite, my productivity soared! However, it’s not the most intuitive to learn and recently they added some updates. The following is a basic tutorial on how to begin with HootSuite and a review of the recent changes. Don’t forget to download the free app for your smart phone – no jumping through extra hoops here. Once you set up your dashboard the app will automatically appear as a duplicate on your phone. Create Your Account There is no download to do, simply go to www.H…
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What’s next for B2B social media in 2016

By Paul Gillin,  January 2016 I was recently contacted by a B2B publication looking for some thoughts on what’s coming up in the next year. I thought some of the questions were interesting and worth sharing here. What trends are gaining momentum in B2B social media right now? B2B marketers are finally realizing that merely throwing content into the ether is both expensive and wasteful, so they’re trying to target their content better to the audience and purpose. Marketers realize that buyers are people, not demographic segments, so they are appealing more to the motivations that influence human behavior. That’s one reason we s…