Create Content Your Customers Care About

By Victoria Bianchini, April 28 2015

When you sit down to write a sales letter, blog post or even a tweet, do you ask yourself “who cares?” Not as in “who gives a darn,” but who am I writing for and what do they care about?

Considering your audience and what interests and motivates them is a good place to begin. Start by making a list of keywords your customers might use to search for information and reviews about products or solutions your company offers.

Try a research tool like Ubersuggest to get a sense of what people are searching for related to your keywords. Now use those keywords and phrases to listen in on the conversations, comments and exchanges. What features do they enjoy and what are they complaining about? What are their pain points and the problems they are trying to solve?

Employ a social media dashboard like HootSuite to focus your social media listening and monitoring. Set up tabs and streams to strip out the noise and zero in on the tweets with your featured keywords.

Don’t forget to set up a Google alert to be notified when someone is talking about your company or about a solution your company provides. Understanding what people are searching for and the words and terms they are using to find information is a good first step toward creating content that shows your readers you care.

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About Victoria Bianchini

Victoria is an active and engaged social media manager with a penchant for creating and curating content that makes people think. She started her career on the Web with Prodigy, then was one of the founding members of before going on to work in marketing communications for and Sphere (an AOL properety). These days she has taken what she’s learned and helps business owners realize the potential of social media.