Getting Started with Twitshot

Increasing engagement through your Twitter account is always a plus. And there is no better way to help get your tweets noticed than by adding a photo. Today we are going to talk about an easy way to attach a photo to your tweets using a very simple application called TwitShot.

What is TwitShot?

This is an online and mobile application that connects to your Twitter account that allows you to attach a photo easily to your tweet. The app takes photos from the article you’re posting, or from a direct URL for an image. There is also an option for uploading photos from your own computer to attach to the Tweet.

Why Should I Use TwitShot?

Plain and simple: Tweets with images get more engagement. Having a photo immediately draws the eye of the reader and will get them to engage on what you posted. This will also make your news feed look more dynamic. So anyone who does visit your profile page will be more likely to click on your articles.

How do I use TwitShot?

The simplest and fastest way is to visit and post right from there. On your
first visit the website will ask for permission to utilize your Twitter profile, then you can use the tool within the page to post what you need. There is a text box where the article is populated, and you can add a tweet with it. You can even do a search from the page, and Twitshot will find photos from the internet that you can use.

You can take it a step further by installing the application for Google Chrome, where it will add an icon to your toolbar so you can immediately get to the website. This will save you the time for having to open a new window and type in the address over and over. You can use this by being on a website that you are reading. Click the icon, and it will immediately take you to a new page and generate the link and image for you. Installing this icon will also add the option to your Twitter home page in your browser.

For the mobile user, you can download Twitshot for your iphone at the itunes store. Again, this will link to your Twitter account. You’ll need to copy and paste the link into the app for it to generate an image, then you can send it as a tweet right from there. Twitshot is only available for IOS and for Google Chrome.

Start Enhancing Your Tweets

You’ll start finding very quickly that adding a photo to an article you post will get much more engagement. This is a great tool to add to your arsenal of Twitter applications that can be used for keeping pace with all the information out there. Let us know what you think by tweeting us at @profitecture or using #SocialAuthority.

About Brian Gilb

Brian coaches students on the use of Google Plus and has detailed working knowledge of Google applications, such as Google Drive. He is also a semi-experienced blogger and runs the non-profit wing of Profitecture, The Social Corps. On his off time, Brian enjoys reading and writing, cooking, surfing, and the occasional adrenaline rush to keep his writing fresh with new content.