How to Get started with Periscope

Periscope-LogoThe concept of live streaming is now mainstream with the new advancement of smartphones. What was once impractical due to power and internet bandwidth is now available for every person who can buy an iphone. Twitter has helped to foster the ground for this new advancement and widespread use. They are leading the charge for this new way of sharing by investing in an application called Periscope.

Periscope Defined

Periscope allows you to broadcast a live video from your phone through your Twitter account. Your followers can join in and watch your broadcast, interact with you through messaging,  and like your post by adding ‘hearts’. You also have the option to download your broadcast for later use.

Getting Started

Currently, Periscope is only available for IOS users. So you’ll need an Iphone in order to get started. You will also have to have a Twitter account set up in order to use it. After downloading the application from the app store, signing up is very intuitive.

How to use it

There are three main things you can do when Periscope uploads.


This is a news feed of current broadcasts taking place. The first three will be a current screenshot of the broadcast with a title, followed by  list of about 15 other broadcasts listed by title. You can select any of these to view and see what’s going on. There is also a list at the bottom that allows you to watch recent videos that were complete but available for others to view.

Broadcast Nowtwitter-_-periscope

This is your option for starting your own broadcast. It will present you with the ability to title your broadcast, followed by three icons.

Location Sharing – share with your audience where this is taking place.

Private Broadcast – this allows you to select particular members to view your broadcast and does not make the broadcast public.

Twitter Post On – this will create a link that will post to your Twitter feed so that you followers can join in.

When you are ready to start, simply click “Start Broadcast” and your stream will start. You can either have the camera facing away from you, or you can switch the camera to face you by tapping it twice.


This last option will allow you to add new followers from two different lists. The first will be people that you are following that are using Periscope. You can follow them so you can start to get notifications when they do broadcast. The list toward the bottom called the “Most Loved” list. These are users who have the most hearts clicked during broadcasts. Its similar to a like, but people can select it multiple times during a broadcast. You can select to follow these people and watch them when they broadcast.

More About Periscope

Periscope launched its own simple website that has some very basic information about the platform. They also have a very vibrant blog that has some great posts about why they created it and other examples of broadcasts that have been done so far. For more information and any other answers to questions that we may have not addressed here, you can go to their help page and find everything you might need.

Join us in our conversation about Periscope using #SocialAuthority this week. Let us know how you like using it!

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