Leveraging Google On Air

Many of you might be asking yourselves why would I want to be on google plus? Its a goodgplus-logo question to ask. There are several other social media platforms out there that already do some of the basic functions of Google Plus. However, there is a single tool that makes it one of the more effective forms of engagement for building social authority for your business.

That tool is the use of Google On Air.

We are going to talk about how to use Google+ On Air for your business. We are also going to talk about very briefly on difference between On Air and Hangout to make sure that you are setting up the right video conference for the right purpose.

What is Google Hangout?

Google Hangout is an online video feature that is powered by google through Google Plus. Think of it like Skype but it has more features on it. Its mostly used for private meetings between your business partners or for private chats between people.

What is Google On Air

Google on air is a public broadcast that uses Google Hangout as the launching platform. So instead of this being a private meeting between a few people, it is now a public show in which people can watch what is going on.

Learn More

If you are interested in learning more, read our article on the basics between Google On Air and Google Hangout. Just remember, Google Hangout is a private meeting, Google On Air is a public broadcast.

Specific Tips for how to Google On Air

In our last post about Google Hangout, we discussed the benefits for how to use it and why you should. Now we are going to talk about strategies and steps for how to use it to leverage your business in these easy steps.

Step 1 – Come up with a topic to discuss.

You’ll want to come up with a script, set of questions, or other ideas for what to host for a Google On Air broadcast. Some suggestions would be to interview a duty expert about a topic, have loyal customers come on and speak with the CEO, or simply talk about the latest news in the company.

Step 2 – Set a date

Go into Google Plus and Set up a Google On Air. At one point, it will give you the option to set up a time to broadcast it. Punch in a time and date for when you want it to air. Google Plus will also prompt you to invite people to attend. This is where you can connect with your circles and let them know its going to occur.

Step 3 – Plug In

If you run a blog for your business, you can easily embed this video into the blog post. I suggest that you post this blog ahead of time (about a month) to allow people to see the information you wrote, but to also bring traffic to the video that has yet to be posted. You can promote this blog post through your social media channels and slowly collect people on the invite list.

Step 4 – Broadcast

Make sure you are not late for when you do the video! Show up on time and trouble shoot things before you make them live. Also give yourself some time to promote the video on social media one last time right before it starts to get passerbyers in your news feed a chance to join.

Step 5 – Internal controls

There is a control panel that lets you manage a comments section, chat, and for who can have a video live. You can set up a system by where people can ask questions through the chat window. So this can be a very engaging video for people to watch and have input.

Step 6 – New YouTube Video

Once the broadcast is complete, the video will be uploaded to your YouTube Channel. So make sure when you set up the broadcast in the first place that you are on your business Google Plus.

In Conclusion

It will take a little while to get used to using these things. It will also take some trial and error to figure out what your audience wants to see in a broadcast and what they will engage in most.

About Brian Gilb

Brian coaches students on the use of Google Plus and has detailed working knowledge of Google applications, such as Google Drive. He is also a semi-experienced blogger and runs the non-profit wing of Profitecture, The Social Corps. On his off time, Brian enjoys reading and writing, cooking, surfing, and the occasional adrenaline rush to keep his writing fresh with new content.