Looking for Blogging Inspiration?

by Denise Bahs, April 21 2015

Brilliant ideas don’t just pop into our heads, well, not mine anyway. In order to be consistent with blogging,  I have to search for inspiration and one of the keys to finding good blogging fuel is to have a go-to list of places to hunt. Here’s my go-to list which fills my cup of inspiration:

Bookmarking sites

You have to be careful  because once you start hunting around, you can go straight down the rabbit hole and emerge several hours later! However, they are a great way to find great information usually vetted by the community as a whole. Here are a few popular sites:



Many sites have a “most popular” or “most read” list. You can use these as a gauge to see what is popular now. ForbesHuffington Post and Mashable are good examples.

Trade associations

Where do you turn for the latest news in your industry? Do you belong to a trade association, or get a newsletter? Are there thought leaders in your industry that you frequently visit? Add them to your list of places to check out. Discussing the latest and greatest in your industry is a great blogging topic. What do you like about the changes or latest trends? Do you have a problem or concern with the impact on your industry?

RSS Feed Aggregator

AllTop is an RSS Aggregator which covers “All the Top” stories. Search on any topic and you’ll find the RSS feed to go with it. AllTop makes sure that their feeds are good quality and will not accept just anyone. You can follow luminaries and other VIPs, like the founder of AllTop, Guy Kawasaki, or the CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh.

Model Others

I get inspiration from checking in on my favorite bloggers – they inspire me and I keep going back for more. A few of my favorite bloggers are Seth GodinPurpose FairyPioneer WomanJeff Bullas and Snarketing.

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About Denise Bahs

Denise is inspired by the study of human behavior, specifically as it relates to the differences between the generations. Gen X and Gen Y do things differently. Social media has had an impact on the banking and payments industry and the generational differences play a major role in where things are headed. These are the trends that get Denise out of bed in the morning. Denise has worked in the banking and payments industry for nearly 20 years with an emphasis on marketing. When social media first came on the scene, she found it intriguing which led to her starting a blog and networking in the start-ups realm. Denise is a professional coach and public speaker and in her spare time enjoys many forms of exercise.