Meerkat for Business-to-Business

Hundreds of new applications are released on a daily basis, which makes it hard to keep up with them all, but for our students at Profitecture we want to highlight one app in particular that has the potential to add gasoline to your social media fire and let you engage on an entirely new level.

And that application is called MeerKat.

What is MeerKat?

Meerkat is a mobile application that lets you stream videos on Twitter in real time. That means you can capture and present videos in real time versus taking a video and uploading it from your device. The only downside is that it’s not recorded and cannot be viewed again later. However,anyone who clicks the link through your Twitter feed can follow along.

Meerkat benefits for your business to business needs

As fast as this product is taking off, there are just as many ideas on how to use this app. For the business to business realm, here are a few ideas for how you can use it.

Enhancement to Live Tweeting

As we teach in our Social Media Boot Camp, live tweeting an event or tradeshow can help you build a following and engage your audience. With Meerkat, you can boost engagement one step above photos and regular videos.

Exclusive Look

Due to the fact that Meerkat doesn’t store the video (meaning it can’t be viewed later), it gives your followers a sense of urgency to view it now.

More Chance to Interact

Meerkat allows followers to ask questions and interact while the live stream is taking place. This will increase the engagement a great deal over traditional video. So, if you host an event and broadcast it for your potential clients, you can answer their questions in real time.

Grow your Social Authority

Have a presentation you’re giving to others? You can have someone broadcast it for you. Or, make a blog post and post the date and time for your live stream so people can ask you questions about the article. If you’re an expert in your field, open the live stream to have people ask you questions. All of these tactics can be used to build your reputation as an expert (social authority) through your platforms.

How Professionals are Using Meerkat

The first major professional use of Meerkat was during the Social Media Marketing World conference of 2015 this past March. Social Media professionals live streamed some of the KeyNote talks for their followers.

Some professionals use it to broadcast their own talks, such as Guy Kawasaki and his talk on visual marketing.

There are a lot of practical ways professionals can use this app. One of the most practical uses seen so far are for journalists. Just recently a building in New York caught fire and collapsed. Journalists at Mashable took to the streets and started a live stream of the event for people to watch as it was happening.

Getting Started with Meerkat

Getting Meerkat is as easy as downloading an application for your phone. The app is simple and user friendly. Here is what you need to try it out and get started.
You must have an IPhone, as the app is only available through the Apple store.
The application is free, but it requires IOS 8.0 in order to work.
When logging in, the application will ask for your Twitter Log in.
After you successfully login, you will be taken to a home screen that will give you an option to schedule the broadcast or start streaming right away.
You can also include a tweet before you start a live stream.

The process from downloading to being able to broadcast takes less than 5 minutes to set up.

Why Meerkat Matters

Live streaming and video are becoming more of a practical way to share information over social media. With the power that smartphones have, creating, uploading and watching video is more practical than it was just a few years ago. So whether you use a live streaming service like Meerkat or Periscope, live broadcasts will be a permanent part of the social media sphere.

About Brian Gilb

Brian coaches students on the use of Google Plus and has detailed working knowledge of Google applications, such as Google Drive. He is also a semi-experienced blogger and runs the non-profit wing of Profitecture, The Social Corps. On his off time, Brian enjoys reading and writing, cooking, surfing, and the occasional adrenaline rush to keep his writing fresh with new content.