Quality of the Content – Perfecting Your Blog

This is what you need to be thinking about as you craft your blog posts for your business. blog-2But what exactly does this mean? A shorter post? More technical terms to impress those other businesses? High profile people featured or commenting on your blog?

Although these things might help, the actual key to success is your ability to write quality posts.

Here are a few things you can to do help boost the quality of your blog.

Don’t shoot from the hip

When you write your blog post, do not post it right away. If you just hammered out a post, save it and come back to it later. The last thing you want to do is send out a premature post that’s not edited.

Eliminate unnecessary words

Always look for ways to say what you want in fewer words. This is by far the most difficult part of crafting a blog post together. But if you can narrow down your word count and make every word you use to bring meaning to your work, you’ve made something worth reading.

Remember your audience

Are you writing to other business experts in your field? Or are you writing to vendors that have no idea about the technicalities of your business? When you start writing, remember who the post is for. Avoid large technical terms or take time to explain them if you write to someone less knowledgeable in your field. If you are writing to other businesses who are familiar with what you do, double check that you are using the right words as to not look foolish.

RewriteEditing an English language document

After you come back to your post, rewrite it. The best way to help do this is to read it out loud. If you stumble over your words, it means you need to rewrite it. If you have to read it twice, rewrite. Once your eyes flow over your post seamlessly, you have a post that’s edited.

Get an Editor

Send your post to a trusted buddy of yours, specifically someone who is either not in your field or has no particular emotional connection to you. This way, you will get an unbiased opinion that is both subjective and clear.

In conclusion, writing a quality post takes time. But when you do put that time in, quality content will always pay off.

About Brian Gilb

Brian coaches students on the use of Google Plus and has detailed working knowledge of Google applications, such as Google Drive. He is also a semi-experienced blogger and runs the non-profit wing of Profitecture, The Social Corps. On his off time, Brian enjoys reading and writing, cooking, surfing, and the occasional adrenaline rush to keep his writing fresh with new content.