Scheduling Updates on HootSuite

One of the main features of HootSuite is the tool to schedule future updates across all your social media platforms. This tool is a significant time saver for your business and allows you to implement a social media strategy that is perfectly timed to what you need. Here are some of the basics about scheduling.

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Setting up a post

Hootsuite lets you plan out messages, posts, photos, and posting of articles ahead of time. In the main bar on the top of your HootSuite screen, you will see a text bar with several different options. Type your message here and select your social media platform that you want it posted to, then send it away. Yes, its that easy.

Scheduling Messages Automatically

There is a calendar tab among the options. You can pick a date for when you want it posted, or you can select Hootsuite to post it automatically for you. This gives you flexibility in planning your posts around a particular event, or ensuring that you have a steady stream of posts that come about at optimal times.

Benefits for scheduling

If you are extremely busy at work, Hootsuite gives you the flexibility to load your posts for the week and leave it alone. So instead of having to constantly post every day, you can take an hour at the beginning of each week to load what you are going to say. Its saves you a lot of time.

If you are implementing a social media strategy for an event or the promotion of a product, HootSuite gives you the ability to plan out and time your releases and updates exactly when you want them to.

Post Over Several Platforms

Another simple feature you can get started on today is posting the same update across all platforms. Once you plug in all your social media profiles into Hootsuite, you can easily select which profiles you want the update posted on. This gives you the flexibility to target audiences and make your message consistent across all platforms.

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