Sellers, Are You Social-Savvy or Social-Slouchy

by Victoria Bianchini,      June 2, 2015

Social selling is time well spent. I could stop right there and congratulate myself on the shortest blog post in the history of the blogosphere, but let me elaborate.

A recent study conducted by Kitedesk took a look at social selling in the B2B realm and every data point shores up the benefits of being socially-savvy and the positive effects it has on the bottom line. 

The Social Bird Gets The Deal
Stats from the executive summary show there is a growing relationship between using social media and closing deals. In fact, “In 2014, a full 64% of sales professionals reported that social media use was directly responsible for at least one closed deal. (This is a dramatic 15% increase from the 2012 report.)”

The study was the result of a survey where 524 sales professionals were asked to weigh in on numerous aspects of social selling, including how social media rates as a sales tool. The verdict? Sold! 75% of those surveyed agree social media aids with building pipeline, nurturing leads and achieving quota.

Looking to make your sales quota quicker? Add a helping of social media. Then go back for seconds. You might be surprised, but in addition to LinkedIn, Twitter has become increasingly important as a social selling sales channel, so use them both; they complement each other nicely.

When asked what some of their favorite tools are and how they use them, the sellers surveyed reported finding HootSuite helpful for listening, while Twitter and Google alerts get kudos for keeping them informed in real time. Not surprisingly, even with the plethora of tools available, there seems to be plenty of room for improvement with the tools wish list dominated by anything that helps lead generation and delivers more actionable sales intelligence.

Social Selling Is The New Normal
It may be a buzz word, but it’s not a fad. Companies large and small have turned the corner on whether or not to get active on social. With the ability to show results comes support within the organization for more people to get social media training because all signs point to socially-savvy sales professionals outselling their socially-slouchy counterparts.

Given how much of the research process is done online before a customer contacts a company, it makes sense to meet customers where they are — offering the information and advice that helps them make the best decision.

So, what’s in store for the future of social selling? One given is the increasing power of people to affect outcomes. Automation will increase efficiencies all around, but people will always be needed to connect the dots and cement the relationships.

About Victoria Bianchini

Victoria is an active and engaged social media manager with a penchant for creating and curating content that makes people think. She started her career on the Web with Prodigy, then was one of the founding members of before going on to work in marketing communications for and Sphere (an AOL properety). These days she has taken what she’s learned and helps business owners realize the potential of social media.