Social Selling for B2B, Webinar Summary

Social media has transformed the B2B buying process, giving customers unprecedented amounts of information and advice from their peers. Selling is increasingly about listening for opportunities, engaging early in the sales cycle and building trust.

B2B Social Media Sales Funnel
Last month, Paul Gillin led our Social Media Boot Camp Alumni through a session to help them navigate this new landscape by sharing some of the basics of Social Selling.  The session covered:

+ The changing customer buying process and its impact on sales cycles

+ Why trust is the new currency of B2B markets

+ How to use LinkedIn to identify opportunities, research prospects and create connections

+ 10 social selling steps you can take right now

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If you have questions about social selling, you can join our CrowdChat on May 28, 2015 at 1pm Eastern Time by clicking here. If you’re reading this after May 28th, you can click the link to read the CrowdChat transcript or tweet me at @RobinScharpf.

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