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Getting Started with Twitshot

Increasing engagement through your Twitter account is always a plus. And there is no better way to help get your tweets noticed than by adding a photo. Today we are going to talk about an easy way to attach a photo to your tweets using a very simple application called TwitShot.

What is TwitShot?

This is an online and mobile application that connects to your Twitter account that allows you to attach a photo easily to your tweet. The app takes photos from the article you’re posting, or from a direct URL for an image. There is also an option for uploading photos from your own computer to attach to the Tweet.

Why Should I Use TwitShot?

Plain and simple: Tweets with images get more engagement. Having a photo immediately draws the eye of the reader and will get them to engage on what you posted. This will also make your news feed look more dynamic. So anyone who does visit your profile page will be more likely to click on your articles.

How do I use TwitShot?

The simplest and fastest way is to visit and post right from there. On your
first visit the website will ask for permission to utilize your Twitter profile, then you can use the tool within the page to post what you need. There is a text box where the article is populated, and you can add a tweet with it. You can even do a search from the page, and Twitshot will find photos from the internet that you can use.

You can take it a step further by installing the application for Google Chrome, where it will add an icon to your toolbar so you can immediately get to the website. This will save you the time for having to open a new window and type in the address over and over. You can use this by being on a website that you are reading. Click the icon, and it will immediately take you to a new page and generate the link and image for you. Installing this icon will also add the option to your Twitter home page in your browser.

For the mobile user, you can download Twitshot for your iphone at the itunes store. Again, this will link to your Twitter account. You’ll need to copy and paste the link into the app for it to generate an image, then you can send it as a tweet right from there. Twitshot is only available for IOS and for Google Chrome.

Start Enhancing Your Tweets

You’ll start finding very quickly that adding a photo to an article you post will get much more engagement. This is a great tool to add to your arsenal of Twitter applications that can be used for keeping pace with all the information out there. Let us know what you think by tweeting us at @profitecture or using #SocialAuthority.

How to Get started with Periscope

Periscope-LogoThe concept of live streaming is now mainstream with the new advancement of smartphones. What was once impractical due to power and internet bandwidth is now available for every person who can buy an iphone. Twitter has helped to foster the ground for this new advancement and widespread use. They are leading the charge for this new way of sharing by investing in an application called Periscope.

Periscope Defined

Periscope allows you to broadcast a live video from your phone through your Twitter account. Your followers can join in and watch your broadcast, interact with you through messaging,  and like your post by adding ‘hearts’. You also have the option to download your broadcast for later use.

Getting Started

Currently, Periscope is only available for IOS users. So you’ll need an Iphone in order to get started. You will also have to have a Twitter account set up in order to use it. After downloading the application from the app store, signing up is very intuitive.

How to use it

There are three main things you can do when Periscope uploads.


This is a news feed of current broadcasts taking place. The first three will be a current screenshot of the broadcast with a title, followed by  list of about 15 other broadcasts listed by title. You can select any of these to view and see what’s going on. There is also a list at the bottom that allows you to watch recent videos that were complete but available for others to view.

Broadcast Nowtwitter-_-periscope

This is your option for starting your own broadcast. It will present you with the ability to title your broadcast, followed by three icons.

Location Sharing – share with your audience where this is taking place.

Private Broadcast – this allows you to select particular members to view your broadcast and does not make the broadcast public.

Twitter Post On – this will create a link that will post to your Twitter feed so that you followers can join in.

When you are ready to start, simply click “Start Broadcast” and your stream will start. You can either have the camera facing away from you, or you can switch the camera to face you by tapping it twice.


This last option will allow you to add new followers from two different lists. The first will be people that you are following that are using Periscope. You can follow them so you can start to get notifications when they do broadcast. The list toward the bottom called the “Most Loved” list. These are users who have the most hearts clicked during broadcasts. Its similar to a like, but people can select it multiple times during a broadcast. You can select to follow these people and watch them when they broadcast.

More About Periscope

Periscope launched its own simple website that has some very basic information about the platform. They also have a very vibrant blog that has some great posts about why they created it and other examples of broadcasts that have been done so far. For more information and any other answers to questions that we may have not addressed here, you can go to their help page and find everything you might need.

Join us in our conversation about Periscope using #SocialAuthority this week. Let us know how you like using it!

How to get started with Meerkat

MAIN-meerkatNo doubt you have been reading all the buzz surrounding live streaming through Twitter. You’ve probably come across a few posts where you can watch someone’s feed live. Amazing isn’t it? Interested in using it for your own business? Let us help you get started.


Meerkat is an IOS application that you can download to your Iphone to stream live video through your Twitter account. The application is not available for windows or anything other than IOS. You have to have a twitter account and be able to use your camera on your phone. This is different than shooting a regular video, as this live stream can go away and not be available after its shot. It’s main purpose is live streaming, but there is an option to download your broadcast.

What are the steps to get started and how to use it?  

The steps for getting started with Meerkat are incredibly simple and easy to do. You can have the application up and running and start streaming in a few simple steps.

  1. Go to your app store on your Iphone and download Meerkat
  2. After downloading, Meerkat will ask you for your Twitter login.
  3. Give the app authorization to your microphone and video and you’ll come to a Meerkat home screen.
  4. You can either write in a title into the “what’s happening” box and start streaming it immediately, or you can press “schedule” to stream at a later time.
  5. When you do stream, Meerkat will post a tweet to your news feed to allow your followers to join and watch your live stream.

Just Viewing

Not interested in sharing but watching? You can watch other peoples broadcasts by searching #Meerkat in Twitter. You can watch broadcasts from your phone and from your computer. Here is what it will look like from your desktop.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 11.50.27 AM

  1. If you’re interested in watching other videos, the home screen will give you a list of streams happening right now that you can join.
  2. You can search in Twitter to find a #Meerkat live stream.
  3. There is also a search option for you to find people you know who are also on Meerkat.

And thats it. There are not a lot of features on Meerkat to learn or go into. Its as simple as point, click, and start streaming.

More on Meerkat

To learn more about Meerkat visit their website here.

Have fun streaming your life live to the world! Tweet to use if you use it by including the hashtag #SocialAuthority.

Twitter for B2B Listening

If you’ve signed up for our Social Media Boot Camp and dug your heels in against Twitter, don’t worry. You’re not the first, and, I suspect, you won’t be the last. But you should know that does not deter our coaches from introducing you to one of the most powerful social media platforms for B2B sellers, executives and marketers who want to keep their finger on the pulse of their industry. Any industry. Technology. Healthcare. Real estate. Retail. Finance. You name it, it’s all represented. And represented well.

Twitter is a powerful tool for networking, listening, learning, and engaging.  Sure, some people (too many, in my opinion!) use it for broadcasting, but that’s going to change once they realize they are being tuned out.

Just last week our Profitecture team participated “virtually” in Social Media Marketing World 2015. How did we do that? With Twitter.  We followed the keynote speakers, we followed the event hashtag, #SMMW15, and we followed the event host, Social Media Examiner.  Through listening and engaging we gleaned valuable highlights from the event and our team grew it’s Twitter followers by 75%, on average.  At the end of the week we hosted a CrowdChat to share what each of us learned from following the activities through Twitter. A few responses from observers to our CrowdChat suggest our team listened and engaged so effectively some thought we are attending the event in-person:

“Hey Robin, I’m a virtual attendee also and read your chat roll. Thanks for sharing, but I’m confused…are you there live? As virtual attendees, we won’t have access to the sessions for 10 days or so. How did you glean the info from the live event?”


“Twitter is absolutely rocking the boat! So much information shared. Your team did a great job pulling the info together and providing a great summary! Thanks for sharing the collaborative effort!”

This week, our team will be sharing and talking about our preferred Twitter listening tools such as Hootsuite, twitonomy, twazzup, CrowdChat and TweetDeck.  My personal favorites are Hootsuite and CrowdChat, but I’ve promised my colleagues I’ll give the others a try.

Which one is your favorite?  Don’t have one yet? Join our Profitecture team’s adventure this week with Twitter listening tools: you can follow our Profitecture Team list on Twitter, join our LinkedIn Group discussion, and join our end-of-week Crowd Chat to share highlights.

If you’re just getting started with Twitter, I encourage you to check out our tip of the week, Getting Started with Twitter, and connect with your coach for a deep dive.

Introduction to Meerkat and Periscope

Live_streamingWelcome to the next chapter of sharing in social media: Live Streaming via Twitter. You now have the ability to watch a video taking place in real time, just as if you were standing there with them.

Both Meerkat and Periscope hit the social media scene by storm in for the first quarter of 2015. While media and tech legends were among the first to test-drive these new apps, bands, comedians and athletes soon followed. We’re now seeing executives getting on board with “behind-the-scenes” tours, to help humanize their brand and boost social authority.

What’s the big deal?

Before Meerkat and Periscope, the only ways to share video via Twitter were Vine (only six seconds), links to YouTube (static, lengthy process to record, upload and share), and links to Google Broadcast (live, but different social platform).  Meerkat and Periscope both provide a quick and easy way to share your expertise via video, in real time, right from Twitter.

People are downloading and using the app in droves. The live streaming app of Periscope hit the Iphone top 30 App downloads last Friday.

How do they work?

For details on getting started, see our “How To” for both Meerkat and Periscope, but in general these are apps that are used mainly through your mobile device. You can watch broadcasts through your desktop, but interaction with the broadcaster is limited, making it a view only experience.

How do you find broadcasts?

The best way to find a live broadcast is to do a general search in Twitter for #Meerkat or #Periscope.  There will be a brief description of the broadcast along with a link you can click to take you to view it. This is what it might look like:

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 12.11.30 PM

If you view it through your desktop, these broadcasts are view only. But when you view it from your phone, you have the ability to interact with the broadcaster by sending messages. The mobile app also gives you the ability to connect with the broadcaster, as well as other small tools.

How Do You Stream Video using Meerkat or Periscope?

It’s as simple as downloading the app on your Iphone, giving the broadcast a name, and starting the video. Point, click, shoot. It’s that easy. Your job as the broadcaster is to share something helpful or entertaining and interact with those who send you messages.

Meerkat and Periscope

First, most of these videos on these platforms are not saved. There is the option to download them for viewing for later, but its main purpose is to shoot a video that is taking place in real time. It gives you the feeling of actually being there, seeing the world through someone elses eyes. It has a completely different feel than just watching a video.

While the ability to live stream through Twitter is still in its infancy, it’s certain to be a game-changer for showcasing expertise and building social authority. If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to contact one of our coaches at .

Meerkat Vs. Periscope – My Experience

meerkat-periscopeSince live streaming videos has taken its stride, two main applications are battling for this new space on Twitter: Periscope and Meerkat. There have been a lot of blogs and articles on both applications and which one is better. So, I decided to test out both of them to see for myself.

Broadcast Topic

I decided to broadcast my evening boxing workout to the world. I figured I could help promote the UFC gym I belong to and also provide some type of entertainment for the viewers that joined. I chose this specifically after taking a look at what people were broadcasting.


The application doesn’t allow for a lot of options for broadcasts to watch. If you search #Meerkat in Twitter you will find a better list of what is currently being broadcast. Lots of people at work, eating lunch, watching TV, and making coffee.


Although the app has a lot more options of broadcasts to join, it was more or less the same broadcasts: people drinking beer, people at work, someone walking the streets of Rome, and eating dinner with friends.

Comparison and Analysis

Right now the application and the concept of live streaming is still new. What I saw was a lot of people experimenting with how to use it. We are in the discovery phase of what an effective live stream is and what it can do to build a following.

From a business standpoint, finding relevant topics is going to be difficult at first. But even harder will be creating a broadcast that is above the regular meeting, eating lunch, or showing people what’s in the refrigerator (yes, that’s the most common broadcast right now).

Promotion and Visibility

Before I started, my first thought was about how to engage others with my broadcast. After all, I figured hitting a punching bag was going to be more entertaining that driving in a car or sipping coffee in front of others. Both of the applications had features to help promote.


Meerkat allows you to schedule your post ahead of time and posts it to your news feed. This is incredible helpful for providing visibility to your cast, especially if there is an event or performance surrounding something you want your following to see.

However, the application is not fully linked to Twitter, so when you use a hashtag or want to mention someone specifically, it doesn’t pull up autofill options. This means you have to draft your tweet before you move into the application.

I also found out that Meerkat doesn’t give you a character limit. So when I posted my broadcast at the start of the workout, the Tweet did not have the link for others to join because my tweet was too long.


There is no scheduling option for Periscope (which I found odd). So to effectively promote my broadcast I tweeted members at the gym and used hashtags for those who might want to follow along, as well as using the #Periscope tag.

This made for a lot of prep work and prior Tweeting before my broadcast began. It did post a short tweet on my behalf to my news feed, however I did not include any hashtags in fear that it would do the same thing as Meerkat.

Comparison and Analysis

Meerkat has the best ability for prior promotion. The post that Meerkat makes is much more noticeable in a news feed than Periscope and much easier to find during a search. So for attracting new followers, Meerkat is the way to go.

Quality of Video

After wrapping my hands for boxing and setting my phone up in a suitable place to broadcast, I let it start and left it on during the entire hour of my workout. I took note of the screen when I could to ensure that it was working. Here is what I noticed.


I had to use the wireless at the gym in order to stream properly. The signal was strong, but the video kept going in and out. The stream would rebuffer and only have audio for about 2 to 3 minutes at a time. For the entire hour broadcast, the video went out a total of about 35 minutes.


It might be because I have the new Iphone, or it might be that the signal and quality of the application is superb. The video streamed without lag, going out, or any other interruption no matter what.

twitter-_-periscopeComparison and Analysis

Periscope has a much higher streaming quality than Meerkat. Losing a signal or dropping video is a sure fire way to lose viewers and possibly miss out on seeing something that audience wants. The clarity that Periscope has is a testament to the amount of money Twitter invested into the app, which gives a realism that almost makes you feel like you’re there.

Participation and Views

Occasionally between combinations (and resisting the urge to throw up, as normal), I would take a look to the screen to see what kind of views and interaction I was getting.


In total I had 13 viewers over the course of the entire hour. Many of those that came into view actually stayed the entire time to watch. They did not send any messages or use the chat features, but I did see their icons at the screen that they were in attendance.


Over the course of the entire hour, I did not have a single viewer. This could be attributed to me not properly promoting the broadcast. Or it could have to do with the fact that there are so many periscope broadcasts taking place that mine simply got lost in all the noise of others broadcasting (Or perhaps no one was interested in seeing a meat head hit a bag with his fists for an hour).

Comparison and Analysis

Meerkat wins this round. Although the app does not work as well as Periscope, the mere fact that there are less Meerkat broadcasts makes them more noticeable and more likely for people to click on it and watch. So for engaging random people on Twitter, Meerkat wins.

Periscope, on the other hand, is probably much better when you have a solid following. There is a feature that allows you to make broadcasts private and invite people to view it. This can be an effective tool for B2B people when creating a broadcast, as it give them a notification to come and watch.


Both applications are still new and people are still trying to figure out how to use a live broadcast properly. The developers have a lot of kinks and features that still need to be added to them to make them effective for business to business engagement. As experimentation expands from both users and the developers, I’m sure that we will start to see these become more practical and effective tools.

If I had to be pressed for my opinion on which one I enjoyed more, I would have to say the ease of use of Periscope. Although I didn’t get many viewers, it worked much better than Meerkat and has more features to utilize and interact with others.

Twitter – Its More Than You Think

We’ve received a lot of questions about why a business would need a twitter handle. There Twitterare a lot of myths concerning Twitter and who is on there. Those myths can sometimes keep businesses away. But in fact, this social media platform specifically is where you want to make your presence known to engage with other businesses.

One of the main myths we hear constantly is this: Its for celebrities and for people telling the world what they had for breakfast.

In some ways yes, you see a lot of celebrities on Twitter, and there are a lot of people who will tweet unnecessary things, but that is only one side of this mega social media platform

Why Your Business Should Be On Twitter

The best part about Twitter is the amount of information available and the pace in which the information is sent. You can interact with others, monitor conversations in real time, and make your presence known. Overall, this arena is the best place to start building your brand in the social media world.

Ease of Communication

Allows your customers and followers to get in touch with you and feel part of the experience. Gives you an avenue to engage them directly. Many users will use twitter as a means of getting in contact with the company instead of direct email. And because the messages are less than 140 characters, very light and fast interaction is always guaranteed. Customers feel most at ease when they can communicate with you in this way.

Know What People are Saying About you

Utilizing platforms like Hootsuite and connecting it with your Twitter will help you monitor what people are saying about your products and your business. Many times customers will post feedback or share their experiences about your product or company. When you interact with them about it and thank them for the shout out, you will more likely have a returning customer who will engage with your posts more often.

Get a Pulse on the Marketgossip_birds

Looking for particular keywords and monitoring conversations is a great way to gather intelligence for making future business decisions. Utilizing hashtags, following particular people who have a large reach, and searching for key words being used can help you find valuable information as to what direction your industry is headed.

Take Action

If someone says something bad about you on social media, you’ll know it the instant it happens. Negative comments on social media can be common, and businesses are using Twitter as a means of addressing those concerns publicly. If you can address it right and show that you’ve went above and beyond to help them, what would have been negative publicity now became a major victory for you.

In Conclusion

Yes, you will find young teens posting pictures of what they had for lunch, but if you search for the right people and words, you will come across very valuable information and followers that can boost traffic to your business and improve your brand.


Hash Tags and Key Words

Using hash tags and searching key words in social media is an excellent step toward finding relevant information to share with your followers. And the process for doing so is a lot less complicated than you might think.hashtag1

Here are some basics for getting started with Hash tags and keywords.

What is a Hashtag

A hash tag is basically a category indicator. Technically speaking, it’s a metadata tag that helps to categorize a particular topic on social media or micro blogging sites.

Sorry, I tend to get geeky sometimes.

How Do I Use Hash Tags?

If you want to hash tag something, simply put the “#” in front of a phrase or word. For example:

#Writing. Or #Writingtips

It is very important that, if you use phrases, not to have any spaces in between the words.

Are Their ‘Set’ Hash Tags for Every Site?

There are no particular rules with regards to how to create hash tags. Once you put a “#” in front of a word or phrase, its officially created. Anyone can now use that hash tag and associate a post for it.

How Can I Find Hash Tags to Use?hashtag-use

The easiest way is to find a post from a follower that you like and click the hash tag. That will take you to all the posts that have used it recently. Copy this hash tag and add it to your posts.

If you want to find new ones, type in a key word or phrase into the social media search bar (usually located in the upper right hand corner) and press enter. This will take you to options for groups, people, and lastly, hash tags.

How Can I Use This To Build My Social Authority?

Study up on what other industry leaders or popular profiles are using as hash tags. When you create a post, use that hash tag to contribute to it. Small Tip: When you can usually add to a hash tag without having to sacrifice space in a post. For example

Want to learn some #writingtips to help you get #published? Read this article.”

Be consistent when using a hash tag for posting. After a while, people who regularly check in on that topic to see what people are talking about will see your company/profile associated with it, and the good information you push out.

The importance of lists on Twitter

How to make a list on twitter and the benefits of doing so

Lets face it, there’s a lot of information passed on Twitter. If you look to your main news twitter-listsfeed, you may have two dozen tweets that passed just in the last minute. For the new users to Twitter, this can be overwhelming. To curtain this fire hose of information, you can make lists to narrow down what information you see and more easily find relevant information to comment on or share with others.

What’s the Point of Making a List?

That fire hose of information in your general news feed is a beast to comb through, especially if you are looking for particular information to share with your followers. Organizing them into lists makes them easier to manage and find information and news that you are looking for.

How Do I Make A List?

Go to the upper right hand corner of your profile, click “Settings”, and then click “lists”. Once at that page, look to the middle right and you should see “Create a New List”.

What Kind of List Should I Make?Twitter

Do not make your list too broad or too narrow. For example, if I am using twitter to follow sports, I do not want to make a list called “Sports” or even “Football”. You also don’t want to make lists that are too specific, such as “2014 Green Bay Starting Offensive Line”.

Try lists such as “Green Bay Packers” or “Baseball News Channel”. This will allow you a semi-focused stream of information that focuses around similar topics of information.

Should I Make my List Public?

It’s highly recommended. Having good lists of things that you follow shows others a sense of social authority. They will also find it useful, thereby making your profile more useful.