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“Thanks for all your great feedback and advice in the Social Media Boot Camp.”  

“People I have been unable to connect with on email seem more willing to connect on LinkedIn.”

“LinkedIn is a great place to “get the word out” without seeming like we are delivering a sales pitch. Highly targeted audience if it is a group specialized in exactly what I want to be talking about.” 

“The more groups I join and people I follow – the more content ideas I can get to help build my own network.”

“The efforts are paying off. My company’s Twitter page got five more followers after I completed the assignment yesterday, and two people started a direct conversation with me on Facebook!”

“Thanks for running this wonderful and helpful program! I thought I would share with you our stats from the Boot Camp. We had an 118% increase in Twitter Followers, 52% increase in Facebook Likes, and a 4% increase in LinkedIn Followers.”

“Hearing you explain all of this now, it makes perfect sense. We have to get this right.”

“The social media workshop provided the foundation for us to incorporate social media into our business plans and aided our team’s adoption rate. I gained a great deal out of this meeting.”

“Thank you again for all your assistance each week, I certainly took a lot away from each session and am on my way to making social media an integral part of our existence.”

“Overwhelmed by the support made available by your team. I’m thrilled to use for my team. All the material and guidance is great.”