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“The Social Media Boot camp helped reveal Social Media strategies for effective planning and implementation to support our ongoing Demand Generation practices.”

“Thank you for setting up this program 🙂 I hope to learn a lot! … For my first assignment, I left a comment on a post from an influencer on LinkedIn and I immediately received two new connections and people viewed my profile more than 80 times that week.”

“Everybody wants to use Social Media, but nobody knows what to put in it. What you guys are doing with this Social Media Boot Camp – the content, the touch level, is perfect.”

“The boot camp was great. Keeping it to a half hour was perfect. I got a lot of great information in a short time and was able to stay focused. My next step is to take what I learned and train more experts in the organization to start building their social authority.”

“I got exactly what I was looking for from the Boot camp (well done). I have a way to go to develop my own Social Authority, but the class was an excellent investment of my time and a great way to push myself to get started. Got some good ideas.”

“Thank you for your efforts on the Social Media training. Personally, it was very useful for me and I enjoyed your sessions. I connected with over 75 people on LinkedIn in the last couple of months and have reached out to several. I am happy to let you know that my LinkedIn connections in fact are working and I have been able to schedule business meetings with several of them. Thanks again for helping us out!”

“I applied all the lessons taught by you across all social networks; it’s now starting to function as a Chorus. ”

“You guys have designed this just right…the eight weeks, trying to keep it to a half hour…you provide a lot of meat on the bone and yet it’s very practical based.”

“I have been ‘doing’ social networking for a while now but by taking us from the very basics you and your team have shown me insights and watch-points that never occurred to me.  I am far more confident already about what I can achieve.”