The importance of lists on Twitter

How to make a list on twitter and the benefits of doing so

Lets face it, there’s a lot of information passed on Twitter. If you look to your main news twitter-listsfeed, you may have two dozen tweets that passed just in the last minute. For the new users to Twitter, this can be overwhelming. To curtain this fire hose of information, you can make lists to narrow down what information you see and more easily find relevant information to comment on or share with others.

What’s the Point of Making a List?

That fire hose of information in your general news feed is a beast to comb through, especially if you are looking for particular information to share with your followers. Organizing them into lists makes them easier to manage and find information and news that you are looking for.

How Do I Make A List?

Go to the upper right hand corner of your profile, click “Settings”, and then click “lists”. Once at that page, look to the middle right and you should see “Create a New List”.

What Kind of List Should I Make?Twitter

Do not make your list too broad or too narrow. For example, if I am using twitter to follow sports, I do not want to make a list called “Sports” or even “Football”. You also don’t want to make lists that are too specific, such as “2014 Green Bay Starting Offensive Line”.

Try lists such as “Green Bay Packers” or “Baseball News Channel”. This will allow you a semi-focused stream of information that focuses around similar topics of information.

Should I Make my List Public?

It’s highly recommended. Having good lists of things that you follow shows others a sense of social authority. They will also find it useful, thereby making your profile more useful.

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