Up Periscope!

Periscope Summit Social Authorityby Victoria Bianchini, September 22, 2015  When Periscope burst onto the surface, it quickly captured the attention of technology pundits and early adopters across the globe. Live streaming video is not a new technology, but putting the ability in the palm of your hand is a powerful proposition. Still, plenty of people stood back and waited to see how it would be used.

Travel brands were some of the first to take us along for the ride and now you can find organizations like the National Forest Foundation, the Weather Channel and the Delaware Tourism Bureau adding real time video to their media mix, calling viewers to tune in with the now familiar bellow of “LIVE on Periscope.” Even the Papal visit is being live streamed, with the White House setting up an account to broadcast the Pope’s arrival.

Fast forward a few months and Periscope is still the darling of the real time video movement. According to Variety, recent data released by Adobe Systems shows Periscope is beating Meerkat in the battle for our attention. Further evidence of Periscope’s popularity is a sold out summit currently being held in New York City.

The Periscope Community Summit taking place from September 22nd to the 24th is being billed as the “first ever user generated conference for and by Periscope users,” but there are plenty of speakers lined up with familiar names like Kim Garst, chiming in on social selling, Brian Fanzo extolling the virtues of community building and marketers from for-profits and nonprofits talking about how their brands are benefiting from the use of Periscope. In keeping with the free wheeling nature of Periscope, multiple events are planned at different venues, including a 5K run in Central Park.

Experimentation seems like a common theme associated with Periscope and as this is the first event bringing Periscope fans together, plenty will be learned about what people want to see more of.

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