We’re NOT on Facebook

by Robin Scharpf

That’s right! We’re a small team of social media consultants and coaches and we’re NOT onProfitectureTeamIcon Facebook. Shocking, right?

Once upon a time we were on Facebook. We had a flashy company page. We updated it daily with pictures, videos and advice. Now we don’t.  We deleted the account.

Why? Because that’s not where our potential clients look for social media coaching, advice or expertise.  At least not today.  We tried it. We monitored it. We pulled it.

Regardless of business size, we all have to be selective where we invest time and money.  To be successful at social media, you don’t have to be everywhere – LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, etc. – but you do have to be where your customers are, AND you have to do social media well.

While Profitecture does not have a Facebook page anymore, many from our team are active on Facebook, engaging with their friends and family.  Often you’ll see members of our team share an update that mentions Profitecture, such as social media advice, upcoming events, media spotlights, service activities, or team pictures.  While this isn’t part of our job scope, our team is proud of our work and loves to share our good news with our personal networks.  As a result, we’ve had a few leads from Facebook friends recommending Profitecture to their employer or professional network.  After all, who trusts you and wants to see you succeed more than your friends and family?

Just because Facebook is not a priority for Profitecture, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a priority for your organization.  You may have noticed I didn’t describe our target audience. That was intentional.  If you’re target audience profile were to match ours, that’s not enough justification to ignore Facebook.  Facebook may very well be a perfect fit for you.  It depends on your goals and objectives.  For example, if you’re looking to recruit new people, Facebook may be a perfect place to showcase your team’s culture and expertise, while tapping into your team’s personal network for referrals.  After all Facebook is a social media powerhouse with864 million daily active users and 703 million mobile daily active users as of September 2014.

As our business grows and our customer base expands, we may change our mind about Facebook.  That’s part of the beauty of social media; the barriers to entry are low and the indicators to gauge impact are easy to monitor.  We will continue to keep our Facebook expertise sharp and up to date so we can best train and support our clients, and be ready if, or when we add Facebook back into Profitecture’s social media presence.

Are you using Facebook?  What successes have you achieved with Facebook? I’d love to learn about your experiences.

About Robin Scharpf

Robin is a senior marketing manager with 20 years of marketing and client management experience. She applies her in-depth marketing background with an eye on results. Robin is a natural leader, creative thinker and enthusiastic problem solver. Prior to joining Profitecture, Robin spent 10 years with IBM’s Channel and Midsize Business Unit where she monitored and analyzed market trends, developed business plans and marketing strategies, managed its emerging market portfolio, led global execution of integrated communication plans, launched a client advisory board, and coached executives and business partners on social media participation and social authority. A University of Dayton alumna, she is a seasoned photographer and dreams of being a blues singer in her next life.