Your Twitter Photo for Business to Business

First impressions count for a lot in business-to-business interactions. The same thing applies on Twitter. Look your best when speaking to the community.

That starts with your profile photo. Here are some steps for success.

Step 1 – Get A Professional Photo Shoot

You don’t have to go and hire someone for a lot of money. Find a person who has a high speed camera (not their cell phone) and take some photos. Or, perhaps your organization or business did a shoot for you and you already have a photo. The point is you want something that is much more than a selfie or a photo someone took with their cell phone. Trust me, people can tell.

Step 2 – Dress the Part

Wear what you would normally wear to work, a suit or business casual. Avoid loud colors or patterns. When someone looks at your photo, they should be drawn to your face, not your clothes.

Step 3 – Get Close and a Little Personal

You don’t want full body shots. A good rule of thumb is to keep the photo just above the armpits so the focus is on your face. And smile!

Step 4 – Mind the Background

Find a neutral background that’s pleasant but not distracting. Avoid blank walls, which can be boring and cast  strong shadows. Also avoid busy backdrops like a county fair. A good photographer can open up the lens to blur the background and make it less distracting.

Step 5 – Get the Right Format and Size

Size your photo to the Twitter maximum of 500×500 pixels to ensure that you get the highest quality resolution. Use JPG or PNG format.

Step 6 – Upload and Get Started

Congratulations, you have the perfect profile photo to get started approaching people on Twitter. It’s not the only thing that will help you get clients, but it will certainly help get the conversation started.

About Brian Gilb

Brian coaches students on the use of Google Plus and has detailed working knowledge of Google applications, such as Google Drive. He is also a semi-experienced blogger and runs the non-profit wing of Profitecture, The Social Corps. On his off time, Brian enjoys reading and writing, cooking, surfing, and the occasional adrenaline rush to keep his writing fresh with new content.